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In Health Technology Center we care about you! We know the difficult times you are living. Our specialist had design an incredible KN95 mask that will protect you.

  • Our mask is Made with 5 Layers of protection with PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter layer also have a high quality efficient respirator offering reliable and effective barrier protection against fine particles, dusts, mists, pollutants etc.
  • FFP2 protection level with elasticated head strap for a universal tight fit. Adjustable Nose clip for perfect tight seal .Comfortable Ear loop to safely hold and secure mask in place all day long, made top quality super soft material, no face marks, no hurt if prolonged use.
  • High filtration capacity easy and comfortable to breathe all day long.
  • Follows FFP2 European standard and KN95 CN standard
  • Efficient high Filter capacity 95% of airborne particles Easy to wear and remove

This product will be delivery at your door in 8-14 working days!


                         50 MASKS

                           100 MASKS

                          250 MASKS

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